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Be careful what you wish for 'cos you just might get it

Ha Ha Ha. I think it was only yesterday that I was saying that I hadnít posted anything for a while as the basic trials and tribulations that are the day to day running of our portfolio (again - ha!), although annoying, were not really of interest to anyone save me and the bank manager. Oh fool that I am.

Is Anyone Safe From Fraudsters

Schroders recently became another fund management group to discover counterfeit portfolios trading under their name. It's amazing how many organisations falls victim to this types of fraud. At Silva Tree we have also had our share of scams pretending to use our investment structure, copying our brochures and even our artwork.

12 Reasons to Invest in Echo Beach, South Australia

It's pretty rare that we find an investment that stacks up on every level, but the Echo Beach project, in South Australia certainly seems to do just that.We're pretty sure that when you speak to Chris, Ben or one of the other staff members about the project, they'll be able to find more than 12 reasons to invest, but these were the most obvious to us!

Now is the time to build your own

In the midst of the struggling housing market, thereís an army of self builders who are busy building their way up the property ladder. Some housing pundits say that there has never been a better time to build your own home, and self build specialist BuildStore, is reporting a surge in self build land and finance enquiries

Are you a property marketing genius?

Find out if you have what it takes to succeed in the glamorous world of property marketing...

So what's next after Base Rate is held at 0.5% again?

So where will Base Rate be at the end of this year?

A house with a history

Everybody wants an address with the wow factor, but what if your home town jogs people's memories for all the wrong reasons? Certain places are now notorious thanks to their gruesome histories, so what is it like living under a shadow of the past?

Adventures in property refurbishment

Many of you may not know but I didnít start in new build properties. I started buying second hand properties and doing them up before selling or remortgaging them. At the time it was the best thing for me, I had heaps of time and little capital. I was willing to pick up a paint brush, dig a hole, punch through a wall and build a fence. For the most part it was a great strategy at the time, but one that I would only go back to again if I had to. You see, after my first few properties I began turning into a smarter investor Ė the kind of investor whoís time is more important. I had enough money to pay other people to do things for me and most of all I had a life outside of my renovations.

5 top tips: Buy overseas safely

As promised in my last blog, below are our top 5 tips for buying overseas property safely.

Bottoms up?

Lee Watts, Managing Director of Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward gives his view of the London property market.

Mayor Johnsonís new London Housing Design Guide

Preview presentation of the Mayor of London's new Housing Design Guide policy document, which will be formally launched on 8 July 2009.

Landlords should say NO to the proposed landlord licence

Landlords in the UK are to be licenced in much the same way that dog owners are if the Government has it's way.

Will the budget really stiimulate the housing market?

The Chancellor, Alistair Darling, announced a £1 billion package to help stimulate the housing market. But do we really need cash to build more properties right now?

UK Property Investing: Is now the right time?

So, that was it then. The great property price crash of mid-2007 to the spring of 2009. 'Britain's housing market reignited', says one recent (and typical) headline. 'Applications for US home loans surge' reads another.

HIP changes from 6th April 2009

As of yesterday we now have some subtle changes to the Home Information Pack legislation that could bring added benefit to the exisiting HIP via some modifications including the Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ) which is now a required document.

What is it like in Chiriqui, Panama

Let me show you around a little haven, a small paradise.

Miami/Miami Beach Market Update and Analysis

Brief synopsis of the state of the current state of the market. Prices have come down and transactions are picking up considerably.

Top Property Investment Tips For 2009

Most will also be aware that now is the best time to buy just about everything, judging by the deals that are out there. Property therefore is no different. With this in mind, I thought I would offer some of my top tips when assessing property investments:

Dubaiís Downturn

Reflection on a recent visit to Dubai

Content, discontent

Regularly updated copy can really help your website shine, so why is so much content so glaringly out of date? The Khasi dons his pith helmet, clambers through the overgrown jungle of misinformation and takes a machete to lazy web content management...

Where have all the UK & Irish buyers gone?

A brief overview of the current property market for UK & Irish based agents and the effect on the French property market.

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