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New homes

New homes

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Why on earth would anyone want to live in new housing? Rows and rows of identical houses, populated with grey-faced men driving identical saloon cars, coming home to miserable wives and 2.43333 children. Surely no-one would want to relinquish their individuality and be boxed up like chickens on a battery farm in a monstrous new tower block of concrete, precisely divided into dozens of pre-packaged boxes of the same proportion? That's what new homes are like, right?

Wrong. Times have changed. Especially in the cosmopolitan capital, where anything goes. Riverside warehouses, the old MI6 building, Fire stations, sweet factories, churches... nothing is safe from conversion anymore. Not every single one looks quite right somehow, but the choice of abode is now so diverse its easy to find something pretty much unique.

Traditionally, brand new developments arose to stimulate or cope with population growth in a particular area, often in relation industry in an area. Large estates of similar looking houses sprung up as builders were more concerned with numbers than character. Sure, these places do still exist, but nowadays even the dourest volume housing projects seem to have been injected with a dose of personality. Designers have started to pay more attention to local architectural styles than ever before and the results are definitely positive.

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