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New homes

The building

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If the development still has some sections that are incomplete make sure that the builders are willing to commit contractually to timescales for completion of the work. Similarly, it may be worth checking for local planning applications in the vicinity. Find out who owns adjoining land and whether any planning applications have been lodged. Just as not many people really want to live on an incomplete building site for a long time, few would relish the prospect of waking up in the shadow of a giant tower block that wasn't there when they bought the place. The local town hall is a good place to find all of this out - they may even show you the plans!

You should also make sure that the project is covered by a 10 - year Buildmark warranty from the National House Building Council. You should be able to get in touch with them and find out through their website. This is a structural guarantee that covers around 85% of new homes. It covers you against them going bust - a situation that could leave you seriously out of pocket. It also means that builders are responsible for remedying any defects the building may have for the first two years after completion (known as the initial guarantee period). If they fail to act, refuse to act or go bust, the NHBC may offer compensation or otherwise should arrange for another builder to do the repairs. It also means that the developers are responsible for any major damage caused by structural defects for the entire life of the warranty.

These types of warranty might not cover everything you may expect them to. Whilst many structural things such as load-bearing walls, foundations and roofing will be covered, you may well find that central heating, plastering, coving and other internal features are not. You should definitely check the small print and get separate buildings insurance, as the warranty will almost certainly not cover you from damage caused directly or indirectly by the residents.

Did your developer leave you in the lurch or were they a nothing short of a blessing. We always want to hear from you, so please let us know.

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