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School days

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Those were the days... Walking with mum to school in the summer, cartons of milk at morning break, bringing your own games in on the last day of term, Maxi and Mini lunches, kiss-chase in the playground... Primary school is but a warm distant memory now.

Then came secondary school... a smart new uniform, making friends, breaking friends, choosing lessons, complicated subjects that make your head hurt, the struggle with adolescence, exam pressure, getting ready for the real world... it's all part of the education process.

The schools you go to play a large part not only in teaching us about the world and giving us knowledge and the ability to think for ourselves, but also in forging our personality, defining who we are. That makes choosing a school for your children a very big thing. It can mean the difference between getting a head start and being hampered. So how do you make such an important decision?

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