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It's a dirty job

   1. Decide whose job it is

   2. DIY costs

   3. More DIY move factors

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It's a dirty job

Decide whose job it is

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The decision of whether or not to use a removals company should be taken fairly early, in order to help your budgeting. It can have quite a big effect on the overall costs of the move and if you're going to use a removal company, you need to get them booked as early as possible to ensure availability.

If you are:

  • Concerned that removals fees are going to break the budget
  • Fairly lightweight in the heavy possession department
  • An extremely fit person Lucky enough to have half a dozen friends who will help
  • Or very brave

…then it might be worth moving without the aid of a removals company.

Then again, it might not. We hate using clichés, but moving home is an absolute pain in the nightmare. (OK so they're not the exact words normally used, but it's probably quite close to how most of us feel). Why put yourself through even more grief than you have to, when there are people out their specialising in doing the job that will leave most mortals absolutely exhausted and probably quite irritable?

To read about the costs and other factors which will help you decide whether a DIY move is right for you, click here

If the thought of taking everything you own, wrapping and packing it, carrying it from your flat via the lift and into the van, driving for several hours, unloading everything, driving back and then repeating until you have moved everything you own fills you with absolute dread, you have probably already tried a DIY move or have had a vision of what lies ahead. In that case, it is probably more appropriate for you to read the section on using a removal company.

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