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Move countdown

2 weeks before M-day

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It may seem a little early to some people, but it can be a good idea to start packing anything up to two weeks before you move. You should already have finished (or at least started) getting the cupboards, loft, garage and everywhere else in order, so your job should not be all that difficult. Sorting and packing at the same time would have been much more difficult.

Work out where you want your possessions positioned in the new home. This allows you to pack things together which will need to be in the same room when they are unpacked. Draw a plan of the new home and 'virtually' position your new furniture and possessions. Using colour coded labels can make it a lot easier for you or the removals people to put the right boxes in the right rooms saving you from lots of needless running around the house. Start packing any clothing you know you won't be wearing before the move and sneakily throw away your partners' odd socks. There is no better opportunity.

Read the separate section on packing for more ideas.


  • Start running down the contents of your freezer. This is necessary if you need to defrost it - either to clean and leave or to take with you. It is possible to transport food frozen, but only if your journey time is short enough for it not to thaw.

  • Go through all your kitchen cupboards and start to box up any equipment, food, crockery and cutlery you will not be needing before you go. Dispose of anything you don't want.

  • Give the kitchen a thorough clean - try and get to all those nooks and crannies you don't normally bother with.

  • Arrange for any gas appliances you are taking with you to be professionally disconnected.

  • Find out from the manufacturer whether transit bolts are needed for your washing machine.

Documents & valuables

  • Go through all your paper documents and arrange for anything important or valuable to be kept elsewhere for the next three weeks. This could include your passport (as long as you are not moving abroad!), your birth certificate, share certificates, bankbooks, marriage certificate and anything else of value.

  • Make a copy of each and take the copy with you on the move, or alternatively, why not scan them into your computer? Make a separate file of moving related documents.
  • Make a copy of everything - keep one in a safe place and one with you throughout the move. Make a backup copy of any important data on your computer - PC's don't always travel very well and finding you have lost all your work from the past two years does not equal a good start to life in your new home.
  • Go through all your jewellery and other trinkets. If you have anything of real sentimental or cash value, keep it with your other important documents and well away from the move.

Arrange a contact number for yourself so that the removals people, your partner and anyone else can contact you on the day of the move. This could be your own or a borrowed mobile phone, or a friend who will be at home on the day and able to relay messages.

If you are using the self-hire van approach and moving everything into storage, now is probably about the right time to rent some space and start moving anything that is not needed and getting in the way.

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