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Move countdown

3 days before M-day

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By now you probably feel like you are living in limbo - with boxes scattered around you and a limited selection of possessions that you can actually get to. If everything is going to plan, you probably feel a bit confused, as almost everything is packed, sorted and arranged, you've told everyone you need to and it doesn't feel like there is as much still to do as there should be. This is what it feels like to have everything under control. But don't get complacent because a lot can still go wrong.

  • Finish off in the kitchen. Clean out the freezer if you are taking it empty. Defrost the fridge and freezer and give them a thorough clean. Make sure they are dry. Alternatively, if you are going to take your freezer full of food, turn it up to full power so it gets everything as frozen as possible over the next two days. Pack everything except your bare essentials. This is a great excuse to eat out or get take away for the next couple of days.

  • Taking down fitted items such as bathroom wall cabinets, shelving, mirrors and pictures is actually quite time consuming, so you shouldn't leave it until the last minute. You will also have to pack what goes in or on these items, don't forget.

  • If you are going to do it yourself, now is the time to dismantle any furniture that will not be moveable when assembled. Keep labelled bank bags of all the nuts and bolts for all items that will travel this way.

  • Prepare any plants that are going with you. Give them a spray and a drop of nutrients if they take it, and use canes to give them support.

  • Do any other odd jobs such as finding and labelling all your keys, or clearing your medicine cabinet of any unwanted medication, remedies and lotions.

  • Sort out bed linen and clothes. This will go in your bare essentials bag, along with regularly used toiletries, underwear and a few choice CD's. Pack your suits into a suit bag and hang the bag up.

  • Finish packing and label the boxes. Check that all boxes are correctly labelled. You should have finished 95% of this by the day prior to your move.

  • Start cleaning the house.
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