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The day before M-day

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Hopefully, you shouldn't have a lot to do today, as you have been so efficient that you are almost ready to go. In reality you are probably running around in a bit of a frenzy because absolutely everything is going wrong. Ah well, the best laid plans…

Now that you have defrosted your fridge, turn it back on and fill it full of any goodies from your bare essentials booty bag that need to be kept cool. Even if you are leaving the fridge, it won't do it any harm to be on for a day. Put together the other remaining elements of the bare essentials pack and keep everything that you are taking yourself well away from the things that are being taken by the removals people. That quiet corner of the bedroom should now look like you are well prepared for a week-long luxury self-catering trip.

Then it's just a case of doing a few remaining things and you should be ready:

  • Make sure you have everything for your bare essentials pack

  • Pack any remaining items that you have wanted to keep until the last minute.

  • Take down curtains and blinds.

  • Collect children's toys.

  • Check you have the keys for your new home.

  • Finish cleaning the house.

  • Disconnect the power and water from your washing machine. Fit transit bolts if they are necessary.

  • Take down your TV aerial or satellite dish if they are going with you. It's vital to leave this until the last possible moment, to minimise disruption to your viewing schedule.

  • Have a final check over the home.

  • Get some cash out of the bank to cover you for tips and emergencies.
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