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On the day

After the event

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You're in. So now what?

  • Unload your bare essentials pack and see what a good idea it was. Even while the removals men are busying themselves, you can get on without actually unpacking anything else:

  • Have some light refreshment

  • Get the bed linen and bedding and make the beds.

  • Plug in your phone and any large appliances that are readily available.

  • If it hasn't already been cleaned, start cleaning before you unpack and put everything away.

  • Use your pen and paper to make a note of the meter readings and make sure you don't get an inaccurate first bill. Accidents do happen and some people are just plain shady.

  • Once everything has been unloaded, check everything on your packing inventory and if you spot something that is damaged or something that is missing (by its absence), then notify the removal company immediately.

  • Don't go to the pub or your hotel until the movers have left and handed over the keys.

Once the day is over, you have to start the long process of settling in to your new home. Make sure that you do the following within a week of moving in:

  • Register with a new doctor immediately and a new dentist and optician as soon as you can.

  • Notify anyone from the 'who to tell' checklist that you haven't told already. There are probably quite a few that you decided didn't need contacting before the event and one or two who slipped through the net.

  • Make sure that you, your partner or your children rejoin any clubs or societies you were members of previously. This can help bring some continuity to your lives if moving has been a bit of an upheaval.

  • Notify the police of the providers or agents in charge of your security system if you have one.
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