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Plan your move

Advanced planning

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The key to a smooth move is to think about all the aspects well in advance of having to actually do them. There may well be the odd on-the-day disaster, but a well-managed countdown will help keep your sanity in check and help you keep your perspective when things do go wrong. Use our interactive budget planner to keep abreast of your total overall costs for buying, selling and moving house - click here for more details.

Arrange your move date as far ahead as possible. The more time you have, the easier it will be to ensure that you actually get everything done in time - as long as you don't get drawn in by the old "I've still got plenty of time left" chestnut. Plan what you need to do, schedule it and then stick to it like chewing gum on your shoe. If you end up having to postpone your move it can be costly and rescheduling everything at the last minute will not be easy.

Moving home is a good time to re-examine your lifestyle. You will be contacting dozens of service companies, financial product providers, subscription companies, clubs and other groups throughout the duration of your move. You are upsetting the status quo anyway, so why not rock the boat properly?

Take the opportunity to potentially save a huge amount of money by hunting around for better deals and cancelling anything you don't really want. Moving is also an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. The more organised you are, the more quickly you will be ready to start afresh after your move. Health and fitness could be just around the corner.

Follow the links at the foot of the page and then use our Move countdown to take you right up to the day of your move in a way that is organised and well-managed. Finally, if your move appears to be happening along completely different lines, don't worry. You are not alone…

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