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Plan your move

Preparing the new home

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If you are lucky, there will be a reasonable length of time between the date on which you have access to your new home and the date on which you move in. This is not always possible, especially when you are in a hurry to move, but if you do, it does give you the chance to get your new home ready for you.

Unless you are buying new, there is a high chance that your new home will not quite be in the condition that you want it to be in. The period before you move in seems by far the most sensible time to carry this work out. Once you're in, it's going to take a while to get settled anyway and the last thing you will want is the disruption caused by renovation, repair or redecoration going on around you.

Whether you hire a professional cleaning firm or get in there and do it yourself, an empty house is far easier to clean than a full one. Bear in mind that the house will probably pick up a lot of surface debris while you are moving in. No matter how clean you get the house before you move, there will still be some work to do to get the place in tip-top condition.

Doing the decorating before you move in means that you don't have to worry about rearranging rooms, dust covers, paint splashes (as long as you are changing the carpets too) and living with the smell of wet paint. This makes the whole job quicker and easier.

Other improvements
Whether its installing a new shower, refurbishing the kitchen, installing new windows or any other odd job, the value of having peace and quiet to get on with it cannot be overstated. Laying carpets or using an industrial cleaner on the existing ones is a far simpler thing to do when you have removed the contents of a room. One point to note here - if you are having your carpets replaced or cleaned before you move in, make sure that you put down some protective sheets or blankets in the areas that will get trodden on a lot during the unloading of your household contents.

Sometimes you may have to make certain repairs to satisfy the lending criteria of your mortgage provider or maybe your survey threw up one or two surprises that you want to get fixed. It could be rewiring, plumbing or you may even have decided to convert the loft. It doesn't matter - you have a gilt-edged opportunity to get this work out of the way without annoying your co-inhabitants or messing up your new home.

Q. All sounds like a good idea to me, where can I find the people to do the work?

A. Here.

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