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Getting removals quotations

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A quotation should include a brief visit to your home to assess the volume of its contents. They need to know how much there is to know how long it will take to move it all. A company will base the quote on the number of hours they expect will be needed to complete the loading and unloading, fuel, driving time and any extras such as packing services, carpet laying, navigation of multiple flights of stairs etc.

If there are restrictions at either house, warn your remover from the start, as this can affect the quoted price. The more you can tell them, the better chance of getting an accurate quote. You don't want a final bill that is several hundred pounds more expensive than you were quoted, just because you forgot to tell them that the only place to park was 50 metres away from your new house.

There are companies who can give you a rough estimate over the phone or on the web without visiting your home. They base their quote on similar criteria, but in a standardised format. This may give you a good idea of the final cost, but you should still get a full and final quote afterwards.

Shopping around is almost always a good idea, so get two or three full quotes. When the representative comes round, be clear about what is going to move - do not forget the contents of your shed, or loft. There are other things that the remover should probably be aware of, find out about them here.

Find out what the quote includes:

  • Does the quote include packing and packaging? These are optional extras with some companies and part of the standard service with others.

  • There may be different packing services available. Some will pack only breakables; others pack anything you like; occasionally they will pack nothing but provide packaging; and sometimes they won't do any of it at all.

  • Check to see if the quote includes VAT. Some do, some don't.

  • Check if the quote includes insurance. Find out what is covered and ask them to provide a list of exclusions. This is easier than trying to wade your way through the small print.

Always try negotiating on price. It is surprising what reductions or extras you can get by asking for them.

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