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Removal services

Making the relationship work

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Moving all those delicate, valuable and personal possessions is quite stressful. Not just for you, but also for the poor guys whose job it is to have orders barked at them by stressed out movers like you and me. So spare them a thought and do what you can to make the job of the removals company as smooth as possible.

What are they erquired to do?

  • Many removals companies will happily take down your curtains and lift your carpet and then reinstall them in the new home. They probably won't do this unless you tell them in advance that it is required. If it wasn't included in the quotation you will be charged extra.

  • Decide in advance what you want the movers to pack and what you will do yourself. The agreement (usually known as a Service Specification) that you sign with your removals company will clearly state what they will be doing on your behalf and what you agree to do yourself. Anything you pack yourself will not usually be covered by the insurance they provide.

  • If you feel there is anything that requires special attention such as computer hardware or tropical fish, for instance, discuss it with the remover. They are the professionals and should have experience of handling that type of item.

  • Don't try to persuade them to switch on the gas or electricity mains services at your new place. They may be able to but they are not allowed and you should have arranged for that to be done well in advance of your move.

Let them know how to do it

  • Why not print out a map showing your new address. You could attach a floor plan for your new house and a colour guide for the labels, so they know what room to put things in.

  • Make sure the removals company is clear about the itinerary for the day, with approximate arrival times, so you can ensure everything goes according to plan.

  • Giving the movers an emergency contact number for use on the day of the move is also a good idea. This could be your mobile phone, or a friend who you can get in touch with.

  • If there are any access restrictions at either house, warn your remover. These could be double yellow lines, metered parking or any other obstruction that is going to cause the job to take longer than would otherwise be expected.

  • Make sure you give the movers a spare key. Even if you think you are going to be there first, prepare for the unexpected. You don't want them to be sitting outside your new home twiddling their thumbs and racking up the bill, whilst you are awaiting your broken down car to be collected. Remember to get the key back from them once they have finished.
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