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   1. Introduction

   2. Choosing a storage service

   3. Storing goods

Storage services

Choosing a storage service

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The first thing that you should do is decide whether you want to use a containerised service or a self storage centre. These are explained in storage services.

The next issue that needs deciding is the location of the storage centre. If you decide to use a service provided by the removals company and are not going to require access to your property, it doesn't really matter whether the warehouse is in Timbuktu or right on your doorstep. If you may need to have access to your possessions while they are in storage, you need to choose a company whose warehouse is not too far away. Some people prefer to have the option - you may never go to the centre, but at least you can if it is near to where you live or where you are moving.

Next, get quotes from a few different storage services. It is definitely worth doing this as prices can vary quite considerably. Don't forget to include handling charges if you are not moving your possessions yourself. The centre will also be able to advise you roughly how much space you should need to store your belongings.

Ask about arrangements for access to your property during the period of storage. It is possible that you may be charged for access, particularly with containerised storage.

Finally, make sure you visit the warehouse. You will only be able to tell if you are happy with the security and access arrangements if you see the place yourself. You can also assess the cleanliness and condition of the building, parking facilities and the size of the room or container that will house your possessions.

Make sure that you leave the storage a contact number and address for you. You will probably want to be informed if the centre burns down, blows up or vanishes mysteriously. If you are using a non-access containerised storage centre, you should also make sure that both you and the storage company sign an inventory form which accurately details the contents of your unit.

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