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   1. Introduction

   2. Choosing a storage service

   3. Storing goods

Storage services

Storing goods

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There aren't really too many rules when it comes to storing things, it's really just a matter of common sense.

Firstly, don't underestimate the amount of space your possessions will take up. It could be a lot more than you think. If you are using a self-storage facility, it is better to pay the extra twenty quid and have too much room than to find the one you have is not big enough after lugging all that stuff around.

You need to make sure you have adequate insurance in place for the period of storage, to cover fire, theft and breakage. This can often be arranged by the storage centre or removal company. Some removals companies will refuse to handle your property unless it is properly insured.

There are very few things that require special treatment when putting them into storage. Most things will be boxed up and will quite happily idle away the time they spend inside by doing nothing. The main exceptions are those things that involve water. As we all know, water causes rust and other problems, such as leaking out and ruining other items that don't like to be near water. So make sure that the refrigerator is properly defrosted, your washing machine or dishwasher has the excess water drained from it, as does any other equipment such as watering cans or hoses.

Though there are few things that are awkward to store, there are quite a few which must not be stored at all, usually for safety reasons. If you store any of these things and something does go wrong, you may invalidate your insurance and be unable to make a claim.

These items are as follows:

  • Anything living. You cannot put yourself into storage to get peace and quiet while the move takes place without you.

  • Any flammable or perishable goods. This includes things like paint, camping gas cylinders, nuclear fuel, petrol, pressurised containers or batteries.

  • Food. Though they would probably find it extremely difficult to get into any of the rooms, this rule is generally to discourage mice.

In addition to this, we would recommend that you don't leave any important documents in your storage facility. If you follow our Move countdown, you will arrange for these to be stored at a safe place in advance of your move anyway.

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