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Choosing an area

   1. Introduction

   2. Transport

   3. Crime

   4. Amenities

   5. Landscape

   6. Neighbours

   7. Check it out

Getting in


Lettings agents


Looking for property

Renting introduction

Tenancy agreements

Viewing property

Choosing an area


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If you like the idea of leading a high energy lifestyle but can't really be bothered all the time, you probably want as many things to do as close to home as possible. Or maybe you've got a special interest that is important to you that requires certain facilities such as golf or aerobics. Maybe you're not that mobile any more, don't drive and find it hard to get around. Think about what needs you have and whether an area will be able to meet them.

Here are some questions to start you thinking:

  • How close will your friends be?

  • What is the main shopping street like - Will it meet your needs, or will the human traffic drive you mad?

  • How far is the nearest supermarket?

  • Is there a big out of town shopping centre within reach?

  • Is there a leisure centre or gym to serve the area? Can I transfer membership of any clubs I belong to, or are there new ones that I could join?

  • Are there enough parks for the children?

  • Are there local youth clubs, scout and guide groups, playschools etc.? Is there a library?

  • What about a cinema?

  • Are some of the amenities too close for comfort? Being next door to the pub may have its advantages, but for most people bearing witness to Saturday night brawling is not one of them.

Basically, is there anything that forms part of your life which would be difficult to do without? If the answer is yes and giving it up would make you terribly unhappy, then maybe it wouldn't be such a smart move.

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