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Choosing an area

Getting in

   1. Overview of the the process

   2. Holding deposits

   3. References

   4. Guarantors

   5. The bond

   6. Bond scams

   7. The inventory

   8. An example inventory


Lettings agents


Looking for property

Renting introduction

Tenancy agreements

Viewing property

Getting in

Overview of the the process

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Thankfully, the process for getting into a rented property is a lot more straightforward than it is when you are buying a place to live in. The basic steps can be outlined as follows:

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1. Find it

2. View it

3. Put down holding deposit

4. Be referenced

5. Pay bond money & first rental instalment

6. Wait for check to clear if it is not a bankers draft

7. Get inventory (should be at this stage but is often later)

8. Sign agreement

9. Transfer utility accounts (not always done at this stage)

10. Get keys & move in

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It will normally take about five to ten working days to take up and confirm your references, clear your cheque covering the deposit and the first rent period, arrange for inventories to be taken and possibly arrange for the transfer of utility accounts into your name. Most ARLA recognised agents will not allow you to move in until all of these things have been completed.

You may also have to ensure that you have arranged for the gas, electricity and telephone services to have been transferred into your name in advance of the moving in date.

However, it is possible to move at much shorter notice than this. With a private landlord, it really depends on the processes that they use and the type of person that they are and believe you to be. Even when renting through an agent, if they are particularly keen to fill the property quickly, or not to lose you as a tenant, then the lettings agent may rush through your references more quickly and put the work concerning your tenancy to the top of the priority list. It is possible to find a place and move in within just a few days.

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