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Thankfully, the Internet means that you can cut out a heck of a lot of legwork from the house-hunting process, by taking control and actively using the Internet to search. No more painfully long days traipsing around to look at just a handful of properties that don't even really fit the bill. The web brings them all to you.

As a web site geared towards helping you move, we wouldn't be doing our job very well if we didn't give you the chance to search for properties. We don't have our own database of properties just now, since we are not an estate agent and our business is not selling houses.

What we have got is the UK's biggest directory of searchable property databases for you to choose from. In fact we believe that we have found the overwhelming majority of property-related websites that are out there and have catalogued and described them all for you in our SiteFinder directory. We are pretty confident that you should be able to find any property that is being advertised on the Internet using our site.

The SiteFinder is one of the most useful property hunting tools on the Internet. You can check out all the different national databases, focus your search on sites that cover London, specific counties (we even list specific towns that some of the sites cover!) or sites that specialise in dealing with new homes, country homes or even really expensive ones.

However, finding rental homes on the web is not quite the flawless solution that it one day will be. One point to bear in mind is that there is something of a bias towards sales ahead of rentals in the online property marketplace. There are some excellent rental property websites, but many others tend to focus on the higher value lower volume business of property sales as it is much easier to keep that sort of website up to date. You are less likely to find photos of rental properties and the details about the property may well be a little more brief.

Some websites offering homes to rent are badly maintained. On some sites, properties that are still in the database have been rented out a long time ago, whilst others fail to keep the database updated with new properties. Some on and offline classified publications carry ads that are no more than sales leads placed by agents, in an attempt to attract interested parties to their business. That said, at the very worst the directory should help you find agents that deal with the sorts of property you are after in the area that you want.

Find rental properties now in SiteFinder

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