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Planning your sale

How to sell your home

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Over the coming pages on this site, you will be introduced to the three principal methods of selling your home - selling privately, using an agent and selling at auction. The method you ultimately choose will hopefully be the one that suits you best. Your own requirements can be governed by how important each of the following three factors is to your circumstances:

If selling your house rapidly is of primary importance to you, then it is well worth considering selling at auction. As long as the property is sold, you can guarantee that the transaction will be complete within 28 days of the auction date which offers this route a certainty of timescales not enjoyed by either of the other two methods.

Auctions are not suitable for everyone, as they attract a certain breed of buyer that may not be interested in every type of property. However, if you set the reserve price low enough, then you can virtually guarantee a sale, even if the price may not be what you are looking for.

For those people whose overriding goal is to maximise the proportion of the sale revenue that ends up in their own bank account, selling privately is certainly the best option. You can directly constrain your marketing expenditure and not a single penny of the sale price will be lost in commission payments.

The main downside is the fact that sometimes it can take longer to sell your home privately, as your property does not enjoy the level of exposure that it would have if it were being marketed by a professional estate agent. But if time is not crucial, then saving thousands of pounds can be a good reason to go it alone.

Trying to organise a private sale or pre-auction viewings whilst finding a property to buy and arranging your move whilst carrying on with the rest of your life is simply too much for the majority of people to cope with. That is probably why using an estate agent is by far the most commonly used method of selling your home. With no up-front cash outlay required (as all their fees come directly from the proceeds of the sale), many people find it easiest to leave it to the professionals and instruct and agent to manage the sale.

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