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Selling your home


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Looking around the net, there is a vast amount of help for people looking to buy property. Thousands of sites offer databases of property for sale, with many hundreds of them offering at least some degree of information or advice about the buying process.

When it comes to selling your home, the picture is very different. There really isn't much help out there at all. And that is in spite of the surprising fact that the number of properties sold each year is in fact the same as the number of properties bought…

Perhaps everyone else assumes that vendors know everything, with most vendors being fairly likely to have gone through the process of buying a home at some point in the past. But there are all sorts of situations where a person could be forced to experience selling a property, never having gone through the buying process. And in any case, the perspective of a seller is quite different to that of a buyer, with a whole different set of considerations to bear in mind and activities to co-ordinate.

So we've put together our own guide to selling. If you've never sold your home before, want to brush up on how things are done, or simply want to understand the vendor's perspective, then hopefully you'll find it an interesting read.

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