1 Bedroom Flat Student Accommodation in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom - ID: 8424985
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£54,950 - 1 Bed Flat
Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom
# 8424985 - £54,950 - 1 Bed Flat, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom
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The Paramount - Student Housing - Liverpool
Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom
Unit Price(s)
1 Bed Flat
  • GBP Price: £54,950
  • EUR Price: €76,910
  • USD Price: $86,050
Key Selling Points
  • Outstanding Location in the Centre of Liverpool
  • Very Own Swimming Pool & Fitness Gym
  • Set for completion September 2014
  • Average 9-6% Net Yield for 10 years
Brief Introduction
ID: 8424985
We are excited to present this exclusive investment opportunity based in the heart of Liverpool city centre: The Paramount. This ground breaking project will be one of the first student projects in the UK to offer a swimming pool and fitness gym.
Property Attributes

Investment Features

High Yield, Low Risk Profile
Full DescriptionID:8424985

We are excited to present this exclusive investment opportunity based in the heart of Liverpool city centre.

The development

The Paramount is a purpose built development for student accommodation. It comprises 477 units over 10 floors. It offers a variety of 430 en-suite student bedrooms and
47 studio study rooms complete with kitchen.

The project will be one of the first in the student sector to offer it's very own swimming pool and fitness gym.

Liverpool Lime Street Station, the city's main train station, is directly opposite The Paramount providing excellent transport links to all of the UK.

Student bedrooms are priced from £54,995 and Studios are priced from £74,995.


The demand

Liverpool's Universities and Colleges are internationally recognised drawing in over 50,000 students from both the UK and abroad.

A substantial 12% of the city's total population is made up of students, who are now looking for high quality accommodation with excellent facilities and a central location

With only enough housing for 21% of students, there is a massive demand for rooms.

Students today are sophisticated consumers; they have come to demand more from their accommodation. Students now want high quality, new build apartments with en-suite bathrooms, great facilities and security. They are able to chose to be close to their university campus and have access to a range of amenities, leaving them able to concentrate on what is important to them; their studies.

The investment

The payment for the unit will be structured as follows:
1. Reservation fee
2. Exchange contracts 50% less reservation fee
3. Stage payment of 30%
4. Pay the balance on completion

The project will be completed and tenanted in September 2014, ready for the academic year, and income will be paid quarterly in arrears.


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