A Bit of Background

Nicknamed “The Heart of Florida”, Haines City is the third most populated city in Polk County.

Much like Clermont, the population here has boomed in recent years, with new residential developments appearing on the outskirts of the city in response to demand from tourists looking for homes with easy access to Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort.

This is where all the British and European investors come to buy.

You can get to Disney in 15 minutes on a good day from Haines City, which is one the “four corners” in the tourist corridor.

In the short-term zoning areas, you can book a house for one night if you want to, so the market is extremely buouyant.

Estate Agents Say…

“Homes are going up for sale and being snapped up in a day – the demand from foreign buyers is massive.”

Inside Terminal with plane shape taking off on a sunny day

Getting There

Florida’s busiest airport is Miami International, which serves the south of the state. The airport, 13km from Downtown Miami, is a hub for American Airlines and the main gateway between the US and Latin America, where many home buyers come from. The second biggest airport is Orlando International. Major routes come from the UK, Canada and Germany.
Amtrak provides the main intercity train services in the US, connecting Florida with other mainland states. Stations cover all the main towns within Florida, from Miami and Orlando to Jacksonville and Kissimmee. For those in Lake Buena Vista, the Walt Disney World Monorail System will also ferry visitors around at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.
Car rentals may not be necessary for tourists visiting Florida’s beaches, but for those needing to travel across the state for work or pleasure, Florida’s expressways are indispensible. The majority of the roads are toll-based, although interstate highways are free of charge. A SunPass can be purchased from supermarkets to save 25 per cent on toll rates.



Buying Property

Average House Price
£135,000 to £220,000
Who’s Buying?
Lifestyle buyers / Investors
Popular hotspots
Lakeland, Auburndale, Davenport, Lake Wales, Indian Lake Estates

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Photos: Michelle Carl, VisitCentralFL