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A Bit of Background

Orlando has always been a good investment, offering home owners the best returns in Florida due to the strong demand for property close to the attractions.

Orlando has a population of 2,134,411, making it the 5th largest city in Florida and the 79th largest city in the US. Attracting 51 million tourists each year, Orlando is best known for Walt Disney World, but is also one of America’s busiest cities for conferences and conventions. The area is dotted with lots of lakes and has a tropical climate.

Agents Say…

“When international investors think of property in Florida, they usually think of Orlando.”


Getting There

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Orlando International is Florida’s second biggest airport and is therefore the obvious destination for air travel. Major routes come from the UK, Canada and Germany. The airport is located south of the city centre, so a short bus or cab ride may be necessary to get into the city proper.
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Amtrak provides the main intercity train services in the US, connecting Florida with other mainland states. Stations cover all the main towns within Florida, from Miami and Orlando to Jacksonville and Kissimmee. For those in Lake Buena Vista, the Walt Disney World Monorail System will also ferry visitors around at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.
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Car rentals are the ideal solution for those needing to travel across Florida for work or pleasure and its expressways are indispensable. Having access to a car is also useful for getting around the city itself especially when traveling between the resorts and the city. Taxis are also an option, however buses are not favoured by the citizens of Orlando and are therefore not recommended.


Who’s Buying?


As the USA’s premier resort destination, Orlando property will always be a must-have for those living in the country, let alone the rest of the world. As a holiday home market for US and Canadian buyers, Orlando is a gold mine, thanks to Mr. Disney’s castle and Universal’s rival park being synonymous with the city.

Proximity to Orlando’s parks and resorts is often a selling point for property in the city and is especially appealing to international investors. This is because demand for holiday rentals make these properties a lucrative asset and a tempting lifestyle option for buyers from abroad. Properties close to Orlando’s attractions are also good buy-to-let investments, because of the significant amount of people the parks employ, creating huge rental demand. This is why buyers from both the US and abroad will always be drawn to Orlando.

Where to Buy

Popular hotspots in Orlando include: Orange County, Winter Park, Kissimmee.

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