August: The most popular month to find a holiday home

For families, August is the last chance to get away from the daily grind and catch some summer. But it is also the most popular month to find a holiday home.

New research by Spanish property portal Kyero found that August is consistently its most popular month for buyers to start searching for a second home on the sunny Costas. After all, who hasn’t lounged on the beach near Alicante or La Manga and wondered what it would be like if they could lie there forever?

The 200 km Costa Blanca coastline stretching away from Alicante, after all, offers white sands, lively cities and balmy sea breezes. August is the hottest month of the year in the southern city too, with an average temperature of 26°C, although heatwaves often push the mercury above 40°C. The heat is moderated by those refreshing sea breezes, which is just as well as there’s only one rainy day in August on average, according to Holiday Weather.

August, as a result, is the best month to take to the water in Alicante, with an average sea temperature of 26°C making swimming and splashing around in the shallows an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

“Many buyers are inspired by their summer holidays and look to recreate their fabulous time in the sun through the purchase of a second home in or near to the place they stayed,” explains the portal. The thought of having to return to the grey, grim world of work, school runs and cold weather only makes the idea even more appealing.

The Canary Islands are also a popular choice for holidaymakers looking to squeeze the last out of the summer break, along with the Balearics, as both island groups find that demand has sheltered property values to a greater degree than the mainland in the years following the financial crisis.

Tenerife, the largest of the Canaries, enjoys an average temperature of 24°C, a sea temperature of 23°C and an average of just one day of rain during August. An average of nine hours of solid sunshine per day is enough to top up anyone’s vitamin D levels in advance of autumn’s arrival.

Jodi Beard, Marketing Director of holiday planning specialists, comments: “August is the ideal month to visit Tenerife. It’s the hottest time of year on the island and the relaxed atmosphere is perfect for family breaks. A lot of people think of Tenerife and picture beautiful beaches. Of course it does have those – and in abundance – but there’s also a whole host of activities there that will appeal to holidaymakers of all ages. You can go quad biking around Teide National Park, scale a mountain to watch the sun set and the stars come out and enjoy everything from the zoo to the water park.”

On, traffic peaked in August in 2015 and 2013, while visitors reached a high in October in 2014 and 2012, as returning holidaymakers took a little longer to start searching for a relief from the back-to-school blues. March is also a popular month, as tourists booking their summer getaways are perhaps also inspired to check out more permanent options.

Both Spain and Portugal are major drivers of activity on the site.

Chris White, Founding Director of boutique estate agency Ideal Homes Portugal, believes that Portugal in August offers an exciting experience for the whole family. The Algarve coastline is packed with water parks, golf courses and stunning beaches, offering enough variety to keep visitors of all ages happily occupied. With an average of zero days of rain in August, according to Holiday Weather, glorious sunshine is all but guaranteed, while temperatures sit an average of 24°C, which seasonal heatwaves often drive up to between 35°C and 40°C. The sea, at 21°C, is a welcome source of relief from the heat, as are the refreshing breezes that roll off it at seafront resorts.

White comments: “The Algarve is one of the best spots in Europe for some summer sunshine and we find that many of those who visit are so charmed by their experience of Portugal that they come back year after year. The fact that the Algarve is known to be the cheapest holiday destination in Europe is an added bonus!”