Buying and Selling

Buying and Selling

Buying or selling a home? Be prepared with market trends and activity updates to tips on what will make your transaction go smoothly.

Cormet de Roselend, Savoie, France

Low mortgage rates in France keep bringing in Brits

Low mortgage rates in France continue to bring in British buyers, as banks resist the pressure to hike lending costs.

Top three smells that turn off home buyers

Selling your home? Real estate pros discuss three terrible odors that you might no longer notice—and how to neutralize them.

French property sales hit new high

French property sales have risen 7.7 per cent in the last year, topping the record set in 2006.

UK housing market set for “flat summer”

The UK's housing market is set for a "flat summer", the RICS has warned.
New York, USA

US buyers sit on sidelines as supply stays low

US buyers continued to sit on the sidelines of the housing market in August, as supply failed to meet demand.

Should I rent or buy a home in the USA?

To be or not to be? That isn't the question. The dilemma facing most people today is another one entirely: to rent or to buy?

Affordable UK property hotspots revealed

Whether you are hoping to find a first home you can afford or looking to make a buck from capital growth, these hotspots are for you.

Facebook: The future of house-hunting?

Viewings have been a staple of the property buying process for years, but with video streaming on the up, could Facebook Live be the future of house-hunting?

Gazumping to be outlawed in UK?

Gazumping may be outlawed in the UK, as part of the government's new push to speed up the house purchasing process.

Would you buy a house near a pylon?

Would you buy a house near a pylon? 70 per cent said no in a recent survey, ranking them as their least favourite eyesore ahead of derelict land and takeaway restaurants.
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2022/10/06 11:32:14am