Commercial Property

Commercial Property

From office rents and hotel launches to retail rates and industrial activity, stay up to speed with the world's top commercial property news and landmark deals.

New York, USA

US commercial property feels tug of war as lending stays strong

The USA's commercial property markets are starting to feel a "tug of war", as supply grows to meet demand.

Commercial opportunities increase in Abu Dhabi

There are a growing number of opportunities for commercial occupiers in Abu Dhabi, say experts.

Fears of finance jobs leaving London “overblown”

Fears of finance jobs leaving London are "overblown", says Knight Frank.

Hong Kong: The world’s most expensive office market

Hong Kong remains the world's most expensive office market, according to research from CBRE.

UK still number one for retailers

The UK remains the number one target for retailers looking to expand their store presence, reveals new research from CBRE.

Overseas investment in UK regional offices on the up

Overseas investment in the UK's regional office markets is climbing at the start of 2017.

New industrial property tracker launches as sector grows

JLL has launched a new UK industrial property tracker, as the sector continues to enjoy strong growth.

Spanish commercial property investment tops €8 billion

Savills has returned to Spain to make its first major retail deal since the financial crisis, as overseas investment in the country's commercial property stays strong.

Investors chase higher yields as US office market evens out

Investors are chasing higher yields at the start of 2017, as the US office market evens out.

Shanghai: Asia Pacific’s number one for real estate investment

Shanghai is now the top city for commercial real estate investment in Asia Pacific, according to JLL.
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2022/06/30 11:17:53am