Friday Fun

Friday Fun

Because the end of the week is here and sometimes, you just need something a little silly.

Architects bend the rules for the world’s longest building

The property world is obsessed with constructing the world's tallest building, but one architect has come up with a mind-bending alternative: the world's longest.

Reduction: Pennsylvania town on sale for £1.2m

Reduction, a tiny town in Pennsylvania, can currently be yours for the aptly not-oversized price of £1.2 million.

10-year-old builds home for $10

Developers around the world have got some serious competition this week, as a young new talent unveils a groundbreaking home design: 10-year-old Callie Hilton from the USA.

Only in Japan: The hotel with rooms that float

Looking for somewhere a little different to spend the night? Chart a course for Japan and you could sail away in your very own floating hotel room.

Now $33m cheaper: Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch

Give Me Half a Chance, wealthy Michael Jackson fans will be crying to themselves this week, as Neverland goes back up for sale - with a hefty $33 million discount.

A real corker: The house built from champagne bottles

Environmentally friendly houses are a growing trend around the world, but one man has taken going green to new extremes with a home built from champagne bottles.

The UAE plans to build a new city… on Mars

The UAE is no stranger to ambitious architecture, but it has outdone itself with its latest aim: to build a new city on Mars.

The man who moved 50 houses and 10,000 trees

Thought moving house was stressful? Try moving 50 of them, literally, to make a brand new resort.

The homes you have to crouch to get in

The tiny house movement has brewing for several years around the world, as people become creative with space to keep accommodation costs low. In Hong Kong, though, some homes have become so tiny that people have to crouch to get in them.

Fleet of floating homes set sail from Finland to Dubai

Dubai has ordered a new fleet of floating homes to join the emirate's already extravagant array of unique architecture.
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2022/07/01 11:04:46pm