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London number one “City of Influence”

London has been ranked number "City of Influence" by Colliers.

NHS to charge foreign patients for non-urgent treatment

The UK's National Health Service will charge foreign patients for non-urgent treatments from April this year.

Supersize me: Australia home to the world’s biggest houses

Australia is home to the biggest houses in the world, reveal surprising new figures, as USA, the king of super-sizing, sits in second place.

Healthcare could be “deciding factor” for British expats abroad

Healthcare could be a "deciding factor" for British expats currently living overseas in Europe, a campaign group has told the House of Commons.

Hong Kong leads New York as most expensive city to move to

Planning a new start for the new year? Brace your wallet if you are relocating to Hong Kong, which tops New York as the most expensive city to move to.
South Wharf, Melbourne, Australia

More people living in Melbourne as Australian population grows

More people are living in Melbourne, as Australia's population continues to grow.

Brits endure longest commute time in Europe

Brits endure the longest commutes of any residents in Europe, according to new research.

This city in Siberia could become the next Silicon Valley

Everyone's heard of Silicon Valley, but what about Akademgorodok in Siberia? Hello World’s host Ashlee Vance travels to the rising science city, where the labs of yesteryear have started to decay and new technological enterprises are on the up,...

Madrid ranked best Europe’s best city for expats

Planning to move abroad in the New Year? Madrid may be your best bet, according to one new study.

Language skills “more vital than ever” for UK

Foreign-language skills are "more vital than ever" for the UK, advises the British Council, as the country prepares to leave the European Union.
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2022/08/18 08:45:27pm