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Expat demand pushes up rental costs in Ireland

Rising demand from expats is pushing up rental costs in Ireland, as supply struggles to meet demand.

Number of older people living alone on the up

The number of older people living alone is on the up, reveals a new report, as a thinktank calls for the UK government to take act to solve supply issues.

Compared: Which is the best tax-friendly location to live?

When it comes to moving overseas, for business or family reasons, one of the first things people consider is tax-efficiency. But which of the top tax-friendly locations around the world are best to live in?

US housing recovery leaves behind low-income earners

The US housing recovery is leaving behind low-income earners, as homes that were foreclosed boom in value.

More Millennials living with parents in expensive USA

More and more Millennials are living with their parents in the US, as young would-be homeowners choose affordability over independence.

A Weekend in… Davenport, Florida

Every week, we take you on a global tour of our favourite property hotspots.

Spain vs Portugal vs France: Which is cheaper to live?

Where is it cheaper to live? The everyday costs of Portugal, France and Spain compared.

Muslims across the globe celebrate the end of Ramadan

Millions of Muslims across the globe are celebrating Eid al-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan this week.

Spain makes new push for Gibraltar after Britain exits EU

Spain has made more demands over the British territory of Gibraltar just hours after Britain voted to leave the EU. The people living on the peninsular, who are British citizens with British passports, voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU....

Most UK property buyers want to remain in EU

The majority of UK property buyers say they want to remain in the EU, according to one new survey.
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2022/10/06 10:54:22am