Home Ownership

Home Ownership

Should you be buying or renting? How can you save up for a deposit? Which markets are the best for getting on the housing ladder? Keep up-to-date with the latest home ownership headlines.

First-time buyers will need £64,000 salary to afford a home by 2020

A typical first-time buyer in the UK would need a salary of £64,000 to afford a home by 2020, new research from Shelter warns.

1 in 5 new UK homes will be a Starter Home

One in five new UK homes will be a Starter Home, under new proposals published by the government today.

Half of first-time buyers willing to buy a barracks, school or church

More than half of first-time buyers in the UK would be prepared to buy a former barracks, school or church if it meant they could get on the property ladder.

Homeownership in the UK ends 12-year decline

Homeownership in the UK has ended a 12-year decline, according to new government figures, with more Brits managing to get their feet on the housing ladder.

Home ownership out of reach as lifetime rent tops £50k

Home ownership is drifting out of reach of young Brits, as the lifetime cost of rent surpasses £50,000.

UK launches biggest home ownership review in over a decade

The UK has launched its biggest review of home ownership in over a decade.

How does London Help to Buy work?

From today, a new London Help to Buy scheme is available to enable UK buyers to get on the housing ladder in the capital. How does it work? And are you eligible? We explain everything you need to know.

Over 400,000 plan to move abroad to get on property ladder

Over 400,000 Brits plan to move abroad just to be able to get on the property ladder.

Malaysian house hunters priced out of market

Much has been made of the plight of first-time buyers in the UK, but in Malaysia, it is just as difficult for house hunters to get a foot on the property ladder.

8 in 10 young Spaniards still living with parents

The majority of Spaniards under the age of 30 are still living with their parents.
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