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England wins Euro 2016 real estate cup

They may not be the favourites to win Euro 2016, but when it comes to real estate, this is England's year. Property portal pitted the housing markets of the 24 countries against each other, culminating in a dramatic triumph for England over hosts France.

UK property professionals vote to remain in EU

One week today, the UK goes to the polls to vote on whether the country should remain in the European Union or leave. We asked property professionals around the world for their vote...

And the world’s hottest luxury property market is…

The world's hottest luxury property market is not where you think - we break down sales of prime real estate around the world, by location, demand and property type.

Chinese investment in US property surges

In 2015, China overtook Canada as the biggest foreign buyer of US homes. We break the numbers down to show how it happened.

Spanish property: Foreign buyers vs local buyers

Where are foreign investors buying property in Spain? And how does that differ to local buyers?

Mapped: Sales of US million-dollar homes

Sales of million-dollar homes in the US climbed last year, according to new figures. We map the data across the country to highlight the state of the American prime property market.

Mapped: UK landlords looking to sell

The proportion of landlords intending to sell their property has risen in the last year, new research reveals. As the legal challenge to the UK government's planned tax grab continues, we map the areas where the most landlords are weighing up a buy-to-let exit.

2015: The year of the British buyer

2015 was the year of the British buyer, according to new research from The international property portal's At a Glance infographic reveals booming demand from the Brits, as the strong pound strengthened their spending power.

Grand Cayman leads international buyer demand

Grand Cayman is leading international buyer demand for property within the Cayman Islands, according to's latest At a Glance report. The site's infographic shows that the island now accounts for half of searches for real estate in the archipelago.

Halifax: Canada’s new hotspot?

Halifax could be Canada's new property hotspot, according to's new research. The portal's latest At a Glance infographic highlights a surge in searches and enquiries for the area in the past two years.
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