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What does Barclays Libor mean for you?

What does the Barclays Libor scandal mean for you? The Guardian has put together a handy Q+A answering the key questions for concerned borrowers.

New home lending rises in Australia

New home lending climbed in April Down Under.

Trackers missing a trick

Research from suggests over half of tracker mortgage holders are wasting an opportunity to overpay on their home-loan...

Query over interest rates create mortgage dilemmas

The uncertainty over the direction that UK interest rates will take has led to indecision over what kind of mortgage to go for

All on credit

The Home Builders Federation have welcomed the announcement by the UK Government to extend the credit guarantee scheme, something it has been demanding for a number of months and as recommended by Sir James Crosby in his report on mortgage finance in November...

NZ permits fall

The volume of New Zealand home building permits issued in June fell for the first time in three months, suggesting that lower mortgage rates are yet to restore demand for property in New Zealand...

Millions paying mortgages in their 70s

More than a quarter of tenants risk becoming "OAP mortgagees" after getting stuck in a cycle of long-term home rental, a study has found.

Mortgage lending up 16 per cent

Mortgage lending rose to its highest level for nearly a year last month as landlord activity in the buy-to-let market picked up, figures showed today.

Surprise rise in US lending

Mortgage lending in the US experienced a surprise rise in November, according to new figures.

‘Recession proof’ mortgages

Increasing numbers of home owners in Australia are seeking to ‘recession proof' their mortgages by getting ahead of monthly repayments as the first signs emerge of a rise in the number of homes repossessions...
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