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Post Office counters rising buy-to-let costs with new mortgage deals

The buy-to-let sector is facing a wave of growing costs, but the Post Office is now aiming to counter them with new mortgage deals for landlords.

US foreclosure activity falls to 10-year low

Foreclosure activity in the USA has fallen to a 10-year low, as the market continues its recovery.

Overseas mortgage enquiries boosted by weak pound

Overseas mortgage enquiries are on the up in the UK, boosted by the weakened pound.

FCA launches new study of UK mortgage market

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched a market study to consider whether competition can be improved to benefit consumers.

UK mortgage rates starting to rise again?

UK mortgage rates may be starting to rise again, following several months of record lows.

France’s “ridiculously” low mortgage rates counter weak pound

France's record low mortgage rates are countering the weak pound, fuelling property sales.

Bank of England granted new powers to control buy-to-let

The Bank of England has been granted new powers to control buy-to-let lending in the UK.

Homeownership gap in the USA remains black and white

The homeownership gap between black and white households has remained the same for past 100 years in the USA.
CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

New Canadian mortgage rules come into effect

New Canadian mortgage rules come into effect today, introducing tighter lending restrictions for some buyers.

New Zealand caps lending for residential property investors

New Zealand is introducing a new cap for residential property investors in the country.
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2022/08/18 07:41:51pm