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Rising interest rates main concern for Americans

More than half of current home shoppers in the USA consider rising interest rates to be among the top factors impacting their ability to purchase a home.

Paris hikes council tax for absent foreign property owners

Paris is hiking the council tax bill for absent foreign property owners, in a move to discourage non-resident investors leaving homes unoccupied.

Winter is coming for landlords, as investors brace for boiler repairs

Christmas may be over, but winter is coming for landlords this February, as the UK enters its peak month for boiler repairs.
Bettmeralp, Switzerland

Swiss population 11 times wealthier than average

The Swiss are 11 times wealthier than you, according to the latest Global Wealth Report, which profiles the world's richest people.

Stamp duty burden grows for Australian families

The stamp duty burden is growing heavier for families in Australia, costing them $100 more each month.

Watch – What the Autumn Statement means for you

The 2016 Autumn Statement was announced last week by UK Chancellor Philip Hammond, introducing a ban on letting agent fees and injecting more money into house-building. You can read our full breakdown of the property industry's reaction to the...

How much of your salary do you spend on Christmas?

Do you spend half of your monthly wage on Christmas every year? You're not alone...

Vancouver plans empty homes tax

Vancouver is planning to introduce an empty homes tax to tackle a "rental housing crisis".

£7.6bn cashed in from pension pots

A staggering £7.6 billion has been cashed in from pension pots, since new freedoms were launched last year.
Belem Tower, Lisbon, Portugal

Algarve hotels slam new tax on high-end Portuguese properties

Hotel representatives in the Algarve have slammed a new tax proposed by the Portuguese government on high-end properties.
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2022/10/03 02:28:21am