Lists & Listings

Lists & Listings

Already know where you want to buy a home? Have a specific budget in mind? Just want to nose around some pretty properties? Browse our hand-picked selections of properties for sale around the world.

Not just for the rich: 6 Dubai holiday homes that make luxury affordable

Looking for a new investment location? We're here to help, with a weekly exploration of emerging markets around the world.

The world’s top 10 retirement destinations

A new year means a new start for many, whether that's moving job, moving house or moving to a whole new country. Thinking about retiring overseas? Here are the world's top 10 destinations for 2017.

Brexit: Make your own independent getaway with a private island

With the recent news that a private island off the coast of Scotland is up for sale, we've put together a selection of idyllic islands for sale.

Slovenia’s Top Trumps

The election of President Trump last week has been polarising, but it's good news for Slovenia, as, thanks to the new First Lady Melania Trump, her birth country is expecting to see a rise in tourism following the US...

Buy into Berlin’s property boom

Berlin's property market has seen a significant boost in the last six months according to new research from We round up some of the city's best opportunities...

Emerging Markets Explored: Indonesia

Looking for a new investment location? We're here to help, with a weekly exploration of emerging markets around the world. Indonesia's property market was only recently opened to foreign investors in 2015. There are some fairly restrictive barriers, in...

Molto Bene! Italian Property in the Mountains

Today's property gallery is indeed 'Molto Bene', which is Italian for 'very good'. The properties in this galery are all located in Liguria or Lombardy.

Five New York properties to get your vote

As one of the biggest presidential elections in US history comes to a head, here are five properties in the great state of New York that are worth checking out regardless.

Why we love Europe Part 4: Greece

We count down to the UK referendum on remaining in the European Union with a look at properties in our favourite European countries. This week, we look at Greece.

A-plus properties in Almancil

With the clocks going forward over the weekend it's hard to get over losing an hour but the days are getting brighter. Sunny skies and warmer temperatures might move some of us to long for a trip to to the Algarve.
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2022/09/27 05:39:41am