Lists & Listings

Lists & Listings

Already know where you want to buy a home? Have a specific budget in mind? Just want to nose around some pretty properties? Browse our hand-picked selections of properties for sale around the world.

Why we love the EU Part 1: Germany

As the UK moves closer to the referendum on remaining in the European Union, we will be showing off a range of properties from our favourite European countries.

What you can get abroad for the price of a UK home

This property gallery demonstrates what that sort of money can buy in other parts of the world. For less than the UK average purchases can be made on beautiful villas in some great locations.

Oh, Canada! These homes are really grand

Today's gallery features a range of spacious properties in Canada. This is a great gallery with a wide range of properties with multiple rooms and other great additions.

A range of sun-soaked property in Spain

Here's a super selection of Spanish splendour

Molto Bene! Italian Property in the Mountains

Today's property gallery is indeed 'Molto Bene', which is Italian for 'very good'. The properties in this galery are all located in Liguria or Lombardy.

Properties of the Caribbean: Panama perfection

From mountain retreats to urban hotspots, take the helm and plot a course to this veritable treasure trove of property gems.

Brilliantly Located Properties in Brazil

Today's selection is all about that old property adage: location, location, location. Whether it's a beachfront property, a farm with tonnes of land or a riverside condo in Rio these properties are in excellent locations. Adding to this aspect...
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