Property Q&A

Property Q&A

Property advice, tips and tricks. From mortgages to tax, all your questions answered about overseas real estate.

What does the 2017 general election mean for UK property?

Today, the UK House of Commons backed Prime Minister Theresa May's call for a snap general election this June. What impact will the unexpected vote have upon the property market?

What do the 2017 buy to let tax changes mean for me?

Buy-to-let tax changes come into effect for landlords across the UK in 2017. What do the new rules mean for you?

Brexit: A pocket guide for property investors

Today, the UK triggered Article 50, beginning the process of leaving the European Union. What happens now? Keep up-to-speed with our Brexit pocket guide for property investors.

Why invest in a studio apartment?

They say the best things come in small packages and that’s especially true when it comes to studio apartments. What makes them a good investment?

How do you calculate net property income?

When it comes to choosing a property investment, one factor is essential for buyers to consider. But what is net income and how do you calculate it?

What is a buy-to-let mortgage?

With a growing generation of first-time buyers choosing to rent rather than own a home, purchasing a property to let it out is a popular option for investors. For many, financing is a necessity. What is a buy-to-let mortgage? And how do you get one?

Should landlords incorporate to avoid the new Tenant Tax?

With mortgage interest relief being cut for buy-to-let investors in the UK, 4 in 10 landlords are considering forming a company to avoid what has been dubbed the "Tenant Tax". But what is incorporation? And is it right for you?

What is a good yield on buy-to-let property?

Buy-to-let is one of the more popular types of property investment, but what is a good yield for a buy-to-let property? And how you can tell whether you're getting the best return possible?

Should I rent or buy in Spain?

When it comes to moving overseas, or even investing in a holiday home, buying a property is a big step. Renting can be a useful way to test the water, or even an alternative altogether. But which is cheaper? And which is right for you?

How do I get a mortgage in Turkey?

Turkish property has become an increasingly popular choice for buyers from around the world, thanks to its strong price growth, fuelled by demand for housing. We break down the mortgage lending process for potential investors.
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