UK prices doubled during 2000s

As we begin a new decade, Halifax has looked at house price performance over the past 10 years. The noughties was a significant period for the UK housing market. Despite a fall of more than one-fifth between mid 2007 and mid 2009, house prices increased by more in real (i.e. inflation adjusted) terms than in any other decade over the last 50 years...

Are you ready for Right to Rent?

From today, new legislation comes into force that impacts all landlords in the UK: Right to Rent. Do you know what it is? Do you understand it? And what impact will it have upon the private rented sector?

Call of the wild

If you have had it up to here with the freezing winter months and are looking to escape to warmer climes, why not attend Next Step Australia’s Job and Relocation Exhibition in January, which will provide expert migration advice for those considering making the move…

Only 3% of UK retirees want to live with their kids

Research conducted for HSBC's latest Future of Retirement - Why Family Matters report (2011) has revealed that whilst the majority of Brits nearing retirement would like to live near their kids and grandchildren, only a very small minority would be happy to spend their twilight years actually living under the same roof as their offspring.

Property rich retired Britons ‘ripe for equity release’

Retired British homeowners have total property wealth of up to £775 billion, according to equity release firm, Key Retirement Solutions, with research also suggesting they have gained a collective £7.94 billion in the past three months alone, despite the fragility of the UK housing market...

Iceland turns to Facebook to save tourism

Iceland's tourism bods have turned to social networking site Facebook in a desperate bid to restore faith in the country and help turn around the volcano-hit tourist industry...

Street homelessness rises by 23pc

Latest Government statistics have shown a rise of 23% in street homelessness in England, between autumn 2010 and autumn 2011.

Brazil stakes a claim

Brazil is one of the few countries in the world currently surviving the global slowdown with a degree of positivity, argues one company...

House price ‘credit turmoil’ alert

Falling house prices and reduced lending are short-term threats to the economy...

US property prices fell 4.7pc nationwide in 2011, latest data shows

Residential property prices in the United States fell by 4.7% in 2011 compared with 201, the fifth consecutive yearly decrease, the latest index from Core Logic shows.
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2018/06/05 06:52:14pm