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The Investment Brief: Liverpool

Where next to invest? We profile the world's top property hotspots, detailing everything an investor needs to know.

Credit crunch causes fall of Empire

The ongoing economic crisis that is sweeping the globe has led to Brisbane's iconic high rise city centre project, Empire Square, being scrapped...

Spanish property agency sales soar 50 per cent

Spain's property market has enjoyed its best January in four years, with sales jumping 19 per cent at the start of 2017.

Brexit does not change fundamentals of UK property market

Today, the United Kingdom elected to exit the European Union. Despite uncertainty this morning, though, the property industry has reminded the world that a Brexit does not change the fundamentals of the UK's attractive housing market.

Top 10 Christmas lights of 2013

Ah, Christmas. A time for eating food, giving presents, defending your home against burglars and covering your home in as many lightbulbs as humanly possible. As technology improves and the need for festive joy grows bigger, those decorations are becoming more ambitious every year. Here are's Top 10 Christmas lights of 2013.

AIG lives to fight another day

The world's largest insurance group has been saved from the brink of bankruptcy by a cash injection of £47.5 billion from US authorities. American International Group's last minute revival has brought a measure of confidence back to global financial markets, which have been stunned by this week's events.

Europe and the ‘unlucky horseshoe’

A significant number of European residential property markets are starting to recover with both sales and prices increasing, according to a new report the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Cinema’s 6 scariest haunted houses

Halloween is here once again and, while 15 per cent of Britons think their property has a ghost, the majority will be spooked this weekend by homes in scary movies. But what makes a home creepy? We look at the architecture of cinema's six scariest haunted houses...

Turkey leads house price growth

Turkey is leading house price growth around the world. The country has seen property values rise almost 20 per cent in the last year, a surge that arrives just as the government looks to introduce a Golden Visa scheme and spur further investment in its property market.

Burglar Bill

When I was little, my parents slept with a baseball bat under their bed - just in case burglar bill ever tried his luck and broke in downstairs - now, twenty years on, I'm tempted to do the same - and I'm not alone in wanting to protect my home - more than one in twenty householders admit that they have gone one step further and rigged up devices to stop thieves...
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