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USA rents out homes for free

Would you like to live in an American home for free? Well, now you can. America is renting out homes for the pricey sum of zero dollars, according to new reports, although there is, of course, a catch. The program, which started in Connecticut two years ago, allows buyers to become "resident curators", looking after and doing up public historic properties out of their own pocket.

Architects move entire Swedish town 2 miles

Moving is a stressful thing for any homeowner. Residents in Sweden's Kiruna, though, are about to embark on what may the most stressful relocation in history. They are not just moving home; so is their entire town.

Has London lost its gold medal?

London has been the talk of the country this year, with the 2012 Olympic Games expected to see house prices and rents rocket upwards around the new stadium. But as new figures suggest the Olympic price boom never took place and a survey ranks the capital's hotels 10th in the UK, below Liverpool and Leeds, has London's property market lost its gold medal to real estate in other cities?

Turkish property prices on the up

Turkish house prices increased in May, despite protests in the country. Plans to redevelop Gezi Park near Taksim Square in Istanbul sparked a small demonstration last month, prompting anti-government action to spread. But prices are up regardless, as agents report "business as usual".

Atlanta: Why Georgia should be on property investors’ minds

The USA remains the most sought-after destination on, as investors continue to flock to Florida, New York and Detroit. One destination that property buyers may not have considered, though, is Atlanta.

Spanish legal reforms to boost property industry

The Spanish government has embarked on a campaign to lure British buyers back to its housing market, with new laws to provide increased transparency for buyers.

MPs condemn Spanish ‘demolition-derby’

Members of the European Parliament have launched a new offensive against notorious Spanish land laws that continue to wreck the holiday-home dreams of Brits in the Valencia region...

UK interest rates slashed again

The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee has cut interest rates yet again, from two per cent to 1.5 per cent, taking rates to their lowest level since the Bank was founded in 1694...

UK property welcomes Conservative election win

The UK property industry has welcomed the Conservative’s general election win. The majority Tory government is expected to provide a positive boost to the market for landlords, homeowners and investors. What does it mean for you?

Swedish surge sends Spanish property sales soaring

The widely reported trials and tribulations of the Spanish economy, which is predicted to continue shrinking in 2013, have painted a rather bleak picture of late. But increasing demand from Swedish buyers sent sales of Spanish property sales soaring last year, according to agents.
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2018/02/18 01:21:17am