Weird World

Weird World

Because the world of real estate can be a funny old place.

Photo of the week: Abandoned Hudson Valley buildings

Vacant buildings are the best and worst of the global property world. For Spanish estate agents, they represent the glut of unwanted property following the country's construction boom and housing crash. For investors, they can be an ideal opportunity to renovate a property and rent it out. For artists and photographs, though, they can mean a chance to capture a stillness or other-worldly atmosphere that only an old, unused property can offer.

Now available in real life: Barbie’s DreamHouse

20 pounds of glitter. 100 gallons of pink paint. It must be Barbie’s DreamHouse.

China’s housing boom sparks crazy construction

China’s housing boom just keeps on going. As experts increasingly worry about the prospect of a property bubble, construction across the market is giving rise to bigger, bolder buildings - some of which have caused a ripple of attention around the world.

Top 6 unfortunate buildings on Google Earth

Merseyside homeowners are feeling shafted by Google Earth after discovering that their homes resemble male genitalia from above. Locals living in Hoylake on the Wirral are now concerned their house prices may fall as a result. Inspired by the unfortunate architecture, we round up the most unusual buildings seen from Google Earth...

Munich hotel transformed into mind-bending shapes

It looks like something out of Christopher Nolan's Inception, but the buildings are very much real. In fact, it is a hotel in Munich, which has been given a mind-bending transformation treatment by artist Victor Enrich.

90pc of French people believe Speedos are acceptable beachwear

90 per cent of French beachgoers believe that the Speedo is an acceptable form of beachwear, according to a survey by Expedia. That kind of attitude epitomises the country’s embrace of beach holidays, a tourist trend that, as in many countries, helps to drive its housing market.

Top 5 bunkers to protect you from man flu

September has arrived with a vengeance, wiping out work forces with cold and flu viruses - and, worst of all, the dreaded man flu. As’s office is overrun with germs, we solve the outbreak the only way we know how: with property. Here are the top five bunkers to keep the illness out.

Train carriage home on sale for $299k

Ever wanted a Cockaboose? No, it’s not a wild animal or endangered species. It’s an old train car that’s been converted into a home. And now one of them is up for sale for an ambitious $299k.

House on cliff sells for £30,000

A house on a cliff has become one of the UK’s cheapest homes after it sold for only £30,000. The four-bedroom property boasts stunning views across the English Riviera and is worth £400,000, but went under the hammer for less than 10pc of its value. Why? Because it might fall into the sea at any moment.

Arrested Development: Inside The Bluths’ new houses

Arrested Development premiers in the UK this weekend on Netflix, heralding the return of everyone’s favourite property developing family: The Bluths.
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