Weird World

Weird World

Because the world of real estate can be a funny old place.

Swedish home struggles to overcome rude name

A home in Sweden is struggling to sell, as buyers appear to be afraid to tackle the obstacle of its home town's rude name.

Italian village for sale on ebay… for less than average UK home

An entire Italian village was listed on eBay this week. The Alpine retreat of Bortgata Calsazio, located near Turin, contains 14 houses and was offered at a starting price of €245,000, cheaper than the price of an average UK home. Did it find a buyer?

Glastonbury: When camping gets carried away

175,000 people are descending upon one Somerset field this weekend, as Glastonbury returns. While many will camp in a typical tent, though, richer music fans will be living it up in ludicrous luxury. We round-up the most expensive options around.

How not to sell your home: 8 bad property listing photos

Today in the UK is a Bank Holiday Monday, which means that it is the perfect day to put aside the day job and get on with more important work: house-hunting. Wondering what to watch out for? Hoping to sell your own property? Here are eight examples of how not to market your home.

Rick Grimes’ house from The Walking Dead finds a buyer

As The Walking Dead prepares to bid farewell to one of its characters, Sheriff Rick Grimes' house is also departing for a new owner.

Town featured in The Walking Dead shuffles onto eBay

The town used as a setting in the TV show The Walking Dead has shuffled onto eBay for sale.

“World first”: London’s new swimming pool bridge

London is set to have a world first: a swimming pool that functions as a bridge between two buildings.

7 unromantic properties for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is upon us once more and there's no better way to say those three special words to that special someone than splashing out with the ultimate romantic gesture: a house. Unless, of course, it is one of these...

Landlord fraud costs £755m a year

Landlord fraud costs £755m a year, according a new survey.

Rent one flat get one dog free

An apartment block in Washington D.C. is offering a free dog in an attempt to attract new tenants. Emmy, a miniature English bulldog, will move into the building in May. The six-month-old canine will be available to residents as if she were their own pet.
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