Weird World

Weird World

Because the world of real estate can be a funny old place.

China demolishes mountain villa on top of tower block

A mountain villa built on top of a tower block in Beijing is being torn down by Chinese officials. The penthouse was constructed on top of an apartment building by rich entrepreneur Zhang Lin over a period of six years without permission. Now, his dream is coming tumbling down.

Walkie Talkie building will not melt any more cars, assure owners

Photo: Simon & His Camera The “Walkie Talkie” skyscraper in London won many column inches this summer when its reflective windows scorched the panels of a Jaguar car parked...

No Photoshop required: Artist creates surreal rooms from scratch

If you need inspiration for your bedroom, look no further than Jee Young Lee. The Korean artist has created a series of surreal, stunning pieces of interior decor, weaving materials – and herself – into dreamlike worlds...

Top 10 Christmas lights of 2013

Ah, Christmas. A time for eating food, giving presents, defending your home against burglars and covering your home in as many lightbulbs as humanly possible. As technology improves and the need for festive joy grows bigger, those decorations are becoming more ambitious every year. Here are's Top 10 Christmas lights of 2013.

Chicago puts old fire stations up for sale

It’s every child’s dream. But would you live in a fire station? Chicago hopes the answer is “yes”, because the city is selling up its old fire stations around the city. 11, to be precise. The vacant buildings are being put up for auction next month, officials have announced, alongside a “variety of police stations”.

Stunning: Photos of abandoned Japanese home

Haikyo. That is what they call an abandoned building in Japan. But while the word itself may sound simple, it does not always do justice to the property in question. For example, this long vacant home, which used to belong to a wealthy Japanese politician.

Boy finds person living in secret room behind bookcase

It sounds like something you would see in a horror movie, but a boy was scared for real when he found a stranger living in a secret room behind his bookcase.

World’s first disappearing skyscraper gets green light

Skyscrapers have been racing to become the tallest for years, but in South Korea one company is thinking outside of the box. In fact, they are making the box disappear altogether. How? By building the world’s first invisible tower.

In Pictures: More Chinese homeowners resist property developers

Duck farmer Luo Baogen and his wife became famous around the world last year when they refused to allow their home to be demolished for a new motorway.

Auction of designer dolls’ houses raises £90,000 for charity

The auction of designer dolls' houses has raised £90,000 for charity in the UK this month.
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