Weird World

Weird World

Because the world of real estate can be a funny old place.

Entire Colorado town for sale on Craigslist

Proof, if needed, that you can buy anything on Craigslist, an entire Colorado town has been listed for sale on the site. Yours for just $350,000, there's only one catch: the place is abandoned, with no one living there since the 1970s.

Noah joke: Are these floating homes the future?

They laughed at Noah when he was building his ark, but thanks to a sleek new design for a "Tidal House" to combat rising sea levels, floating homes have never been taken more seriously.

Start your own Leave campaign with this private island

Inspired by Brexit to make your own private break from the world? This island for sale is for you.

New Dubai tower 100m taller than Burj Khalifa

Watch out, Burj Khalifa: you've got competition. The world's tallest tower, located in Dubai, will soon be dwarfed by another, which will reach a staggering 100m higher into the sky than its rival.

Facebook: The future of house-hunting?

Viewings have been a staple of the property buying process for years, but with video streaming on the up, could Facebook Live be the future of house-hunting?

New York tower plays real-life Jenga

A New York tower designed is set to play real-life Jenga with the city's skyline. The building's jumble of cubes, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, makes it look like the penthouses are about to fall over.

Iconic Cannes hotel reveals tricks of the trade

As the 2016 Cannes Film Festival draws to a close, what's it like behind the scenes on the Croisette?

Star Wars Day: Inside Lucasfilm’s real life Sandcrawler building

As Star Wars fans celebrate May the Fourth around the world, we take a quick tour of the real life Sandcrawler that Lucasfilm built in Singapore.

5 reasons not to do DIY this Bank Holiday

Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK, which means homeowners will be devoting their day to DIY. But would that just be a big mistake?

London Design Festival wants to turn Trafalgar Square into crazy golf course

The London Design Festival has launched a crowdfunding scheme to turn Trafalgar Square into a crazy golf course.
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2022/10/02 06:43:17am