Weird World

Weird World

Because the world of real estate can be a funny old place.

Auction of designer dolls’ houses raises £90,000 for charity

The auction of designer dolls' houses has raised £90,000 for charity in the UK this month.

Yours for £400 a month: A house the size of a cupboard

Japan's property market is starting to build momentum for the first time in years, according to new figures, with prices and rents expected to climb. But for some of Tokyo's residents, rising costs will only spell bad news, as the crowded city's conditions sees workers squashed into "coffin" apartments at a cost of £400 a month.

Country hotel “shocked” by escort photos

A country hotel was “shocked” this week to discover that they had been used as the backdrop for an escort’s publicity photos.

$500 a day: The world’s most expensive tree house?

How much would you pay to have your own tree house? $500 a day? That is how much Lynn Tran and husband Richard Hazen have been told to stump up if they want to keep their childhood dream: a double-decker tree house in Florida.

Treemendous! World’s tallest wooden tower on its way to Sweden?

The world’s tallest wooden tower may be on its way to Sweden, if C. F. Møller gets its way.

Bricks: London’s unexpected crime wave leaves home owners mortar-fied

Home owners in London have been left mortar-fied by the capital's latest crime wave, which is targeting an increasingly expensive resource: bricks.

5 ace tennis players’ properties

As Andy Murray gets one step closer to winning Wimbledon, looks at the only thing more impressive than his ground strokes: his real estate. Murray bought a hotel this year, but he is not the only player with an eye for investment. Here are five ace tennis players’ properties...

Mind-bending: Audi builds upside down city for car exhibition

Visitors to the Frankfurt Motor Show had their minds truly bended this month, as Audi created an upside down city to display their cars.

Are these the best sheds of the year?

When a dad was banned from entering his own shed by the council, you could be forgiven for thinking the week had no other shed-related surprises in store. But you would be forgetting the Shed of the Year competition. The line-up for the final of the 2013 contest has now been revealed. It includes a TARDIS, a boat and even a pub.

No bacon, buzzers or bad words: Meet the world’s worst roommate

Renting a home can be quite tricky. Not only do you have to find a home among a generation of people locked out of the property ladder, but you then have to face living with flatmates who could be total strangers with strange habits – or, even worse, former friends who turn out to have even more bizarre behavioural tics.
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2019/09/22 11:30:52pm