Yours for $1,200 a month: The USA’s most boot-iful home

Developers around the world are always competing to produce the tallest building in the world, but one designer in Texas has built something even more special.

“Unique, whimsical, artistic and extraordinary” are how the home’s listing describes it. We can think of one more word: boot-iful. Literally.

The USA is no stranger to strange structures, from the beagle-shaped “Dog Bark Park Inn” in Idaho to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Georgia that looks like a chicken. Huntsville, Texas, kicks them all into the shade with the newest addition to its housing market: a shoe that, unlike the nursery rhyme, you don’t have to be an old lady to live in.

boot home texas 2

The boot-shaped property is impressive from head to toe, complete with a heel, curled-up front and even a hollow top. Before you even think of trying to put your foot in it, though, see the property’s listing on rental site HAR: compared to the normal-sized homes next door, the scale of the boot is several steps above even the most ambitious expectations.

The house has 711 square feet living space in total, far more than your typical size-nines, with room for two bedrooms and one bathroom, as well as a kitchen.

boot home texas stairs

The interior decor buys into its cowboy aesthetic, with album covers lining the ceilings, raw wood shelves and corrugated metal walls. In the middle of it all, meanwhile, is a spiral staircase that climbs up the leg to reach a roof deck at the boot’s opening.

The home was completed only a couple of months ago, with local artist Dan Phillips using recycled materials and apprentice labour to cobble together the bizarre final product.

Curbed notes that he is already working on a cowboy hat-shaped home to go in the neighbouring lot.