A real corker: The house built from champagne bottles

Environmentally friendly houses are a growing trend around the world, but one man has taken going green to new extremes with a home built from champagne bottles.

Eldar Ilchibayev constructed the green property using 12,000 empty bottles of bubbly. It took him more than two years to collect the number needed to complete the project, which was in memory of his young brother.

Eldar’s brother passed away in a tragic accident, but he had told his older sibling that he dreamed of building a home from champagne bottles. In a touching tribute to his memory, the family began to gather empty bottles for months and months, with Eldar and his father travelling across their home region in the Ural Mountains to visit recycling centres and swap beer and vodka bottles with anyone willing to help. Neighbours also contributed their empties to the project.

The house has a timber frame, but uses the bottles to fill in the gaps between the beams. A mix of waste and concrete was used to fill in the gaps between the bottle to hold them in place.

The result is a sweet act of brotherly love, as well as a green house like no other. Even before its completion this month, ITV reports that the home has become a local landmark, with residents and other visitors taking photos of the unusual structure. After all, it is a real corker of a house.

Photo: ITV News