4 Areas to look at as an expat moving to the Australia

we’re taking a look at four areas of life in Australia that you should give consideration to when relocating to Oz, either as an expat or, even to retire. What comes to mind when you think of the land down under? Stunning beaches, all-round climate, relaxed way of life… Well let’s dig right in and take a closer look.




One thing you can say about Australia is that it is vast, with a land mass of over 7.692 million km²! You won’t be surprised therefore to hear that Australia has several different climate zones. The Northern region and cities such as Darwin, tend to be quite tropical, whereas when you head towards the southern hemisphere, you experience a much more temperate climate. In the summer it tends to be around 25-30 degrees and, in the winter, between 5-10 degrees. The Outback and Central Australia have their own unique climate, with temperatures as high as 50 degrees in the summer and hardly any rainfall.



Cost Of living


The main outlay when relocating as an expat is renting a place. The five most expensive places to rent, unsurprisingly, are the five most populated cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane. For a closer look at average rental prices, check out this guide which gives you a great breakdown. For food, staple items such as bread, milk, eggs and chicken etc., you should expect to spend between $200-$300 AUD per month. The public transport network is reliable and reasonably priced in the main cities; for example, in Sydney, a one-way train journey starts from $3.50. Petrol varies from state to state, but you will be looking at between $1.40-$1.60 per litre.




Where do you start? In New South Wales, it’s well worth a trip to the Blue Mountains, with its spectacular rugged scenery, waterfalls, steep cliffs and the famous ‘Three Sisters’ Sandstone Rock Formation. The architecturally imposing Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are also highly recommended a visit. In Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is the world biggest Coral Reef network with a size of around 344,400 square metres and is home to a wide spectrum of life. Another popular destination for tourists is the Whitsunday Islands – the reef itself has been deemed a world heritage site. A further site recognised by UNESCO is Uluru, to give it its original name. Formally called Ayers Rock, the Rock used to be popular with climbers, however this was banned in 2019 in order to protect the world heritage site.




As a former colony of the United Kingdom, the culture in Oz is predominantly Western, and heavily influenced by Western thinking and ideas. However, it is also intermingled with the original aboriginal settlers and the uniqueness of their history, which is ever more identifiable as part of Australia’s multi- faceted culture. People are strongly drawn to the relaxed way of life and outdoor living. Barbeques are quintessentially Australian and are a focal point for family life and outdoor socialising. Sports is huge with Australian football, rugby (both Union and League) and Cricket being the three dominant past times. The political system is stable and democratic, with tolerance for different cultures and life choices, ultimately making it one of the main reasons Australia has become a mecca for those looking for a different expat experience!


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