Picture yourself owning a villa only a few metres from your boat, and only a few more from a crystal clear lagoon. A home where your private pier is an extension of your living room and your door literally opens on to paradise, with direct access to the sea.

In Mauritius, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, that was not possible until a few years ago.

La Balise Marina was the first residential marina to be built in the country. In 2017, it remains the only one. Operational since December 2012, when the first phase was completed, the unique development consists of 143 villas and duplexes and apartments, with both private and shared moorings.

Situated on the sunny West coast, the marina stands in the trendy town of Black River, renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty, turquoise lagoons and a wide range of nautical activities. Extending over 12.8 hectares fringed by the sea, it combines the charm of a typical village with modern facilities: there are restaurants, bars, a spa, and shopping centres, nestled between the ocean and marina, surrounded by lush tropical flowers and palm trees. Essential services, such as medical centres and international schools, are also on hand.


Buyers primarily come from Europe, particularly France, and South Africa

Exquisitely designed, the luxury residences have a modern open-plan style that blurs the boundary between your indoor and outdoor life. Inside, you can relax in designer interiors and luxury furnishings. Outside of your home, two golf resorts are nearby, for those who prefer the laid-back environment of a fairway to windsurfing or kite-surfing.

The luxury development is now in its second and final phase, with 100 residences delivered out of the 143 planned upon completion. High-end 2 and 3-bedroom apartments have been newly released, opening up this exclusive development to a wave of new buyers.

The second phase begins as Mauritius enjoys a fresh tide of international interest. Foreign direct investment in the country rose 41 per cent in 2016, according to official figures, fuelled partly by investment in real estate.

For those unfamiliar with the island, the dazzling Mauritian landscape alone would be enough to tempt buyers to consider joining the current of demand. Mauritius, though, is just as prized for its financial climate: with an economy showing positive growth for more than 25 years, a stable social and political climate, and a strong banking, business and offshore sector, it is a prime destination for investors. Non Double Taxation Agreements with 43 countries mean that individuals only face a 15 per cent income tax threshold, no inheritance and zero dividend or capital gains taxes.



To encourage foreign investment, the Mauritian government implemented the Integrated Resort Scheme in 2002, which allows foreigners to acquire a freehold property within an integrated residential development, such as La Balise Marina, for a minimum of USD 500,000. This also makes them eligible for a Mauritian residence permit, along with their spouse and any children under the age of 24.

Buyers have primarily come from Europe, particularly France, and South Africa, reveals Timo Geldenhuys, Director of Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty.

“The main reason stated by foreigners for investing in Mauritius is its luxury island lifestyle,” comments Mr. Geldenhuys. “In addition to its ideal climate and amazing landscapes, Mauritius also offers social and political stability, has a strong and diversified economy, a sophisticated financial services industry as well as an excellent connectivity to Africa, Europe and the UAE. A residence permit is therefore sought after by investors looking to relocate to Mauritius.”

The result is that rare combination of an extraordinary lifestyle and extremely attractive investment – perfect for a lock and go investment.

The only trouble in paradise? There is not enough of it for everyone: there are multiple off-plan units open to investors, but out of the 12 built and furnished apartments currently on offer, only nine are still available.


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