Developers Direct: The new way for developers to sell property

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This summer, is launching a brand new service that will change the way developers sell property to international clients: Developers Direct.

Developers Direct is a success-based sales and marketing programme designed specifically for national and international developers. It combines a brand-new intelligent marketing platform with’s global reach to deliver fully-qualified prospects directly to a developer’s sales team.

Developers Direct works as a unique partnership model that shares production, campaign costs, and commission for sales generated. The result increases a developer’s sales capacity without requiring additional resources.

Unique Content

Developers Direct uses a new digital platform called vSales, which harnesses engaging multimedia content to guarantee that developments are presented in the best possible way, every time.

With everything from building plans and presentations to stunning video tours, vSales is the hardest working salesperson in a developer’s office: it creates a compelling, consistent sales story, guiding prospects through a perfect pitch at any time of day, 24/7.

Innovative Marketing’s experienced lead generation team will make sure that each vSales presentation will be seen by their target markets anywhere in the world, with an intensive multi-channel launch campaign.

The vSales platform enables prospects to access all the information for a development at the very moment they are interested. They can then progress through the buying process at their own pace, without a sales team losing time trying to chase first contact.

Qualified Referrals

vSales provides online reports into all client activity, allowing easy segmentation of leads into cold, warm and hot prospects. Qualified prospects are then provided to developers directly for closing, so they can focus on where they will have the greatest impact.

Instant messaging and support for WhatsApp ensure no time is wasted in closing a lead, while the flexible, commission-based structure means that budgets are not wasted either.

“We have been working with developers for over 17 years and we keep hearing the same thing: there must be a better way to sell developments,” says Mark Fitzgerald-Cooke, Director of “Now, there is one. Developers Direct is uniquely scalable, allowing developers to scale in-house revenue potential without amplifying resources or overhead costs. We have already had fantastic response from the first clients using Developers Direct. It’s going to radically change the way developments are marketed.”

Developers Direct campaigns are available to developers selling real estate opportunities to any market, at any price, in any location worldwide. For more information, click here or contact Mark Fitzgerald-Cooke on 02079527656.