Investment Property Watch – August 2008

It was another mixed bag when it came to enquiries for the most popular investment places for August on, with country selections from every corner of the globe.


The top 10 for August shows that a number of prospective investors are casting their net far and wide, spanning an incredible six continents.

St Lucia was top dog with the Terraces Spa Resort development attracting most enquiries, a reflection that a number of interested buyers are looking at opportunities on paradise islands in the sun.

The Move Channel Director, Dan Johnson, commented on the slightly surprising number one spot. "St Lucia is a beautiful island and I have no doubt that the sensible choice of wonderful and striking imagery used in the promotion of this project played a big part in attracting interest – something that other advertisers can definitely learn from.

"The dense green vegetation on the hills of the island provide a stunning backdrop to the magnificent beaches and richly-coloured waters. And if this alone wasn't enough to entice buyers, the low entry point and high return on investment would have done the job quite nicely," added Mr. Johnson.

In second place, representing Europe was Germany , again in the top ten, while old favourite France was seventh with the Lake Geneva leaseback in Rhone Alpes.

Asia was represented by Indonesia with the four star hotel complex in the popular city of Bali placed third, another indication of the ever growing interest in developing countries.

Africa's sole representative at fourth was Cape Verde with the fantastic Palm View Resort in Boa Vista, while South America had two representatives with Brazil and Argentina, which nabbed fifth and eighth places respectively.

Argentina has seen an increase in demand for its residential real estate due to the country's economical expansion and political stability.

Brazil also remains on the investor's radar, again highlighting the increasing opinion that Brazil will continue to develop on the back of a growing economy and real estate industry, fuelled by the country's superb natural resources and hosting the 2014 FIFA Football World Cup.

The country has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure improvements, making it a major attraction to foreign property investors and it has also set its sights set on hosting the 2016 Olympic Games.

Turkey (situated on two continents – Asia and Europe) was sixth with the Ionia Village development, while North America was represented by the USA , an indication that many investors believe there are still bargains to be had in America, despite the current credit concerns there, kicked off by the subprime fiasco.

Finally, representing Oceania is New Zealand , a country ever increasing in popularity, especially for retirees.

Top 10 table for August 2008.






The Terraces Spa Resort

St Lucia

Focus International Property Ltd


Mombach St


Nest Egg UK Ltd


Beautiful Bali Hotel


Assetz International


Palm View Resort

Cape Verde

Flash Developments


Pre Launch Now Taking Reservations


Dream Resorts Ltd


Ionia Village


Real World International


Lake Geneva Leaseback


Zenith Overseas Properties Investment Ltd


Alto Grande del Arte




Four unit property & barn


American Dream Investments Ltd


St Albans

New Zealand

Elite Property Investments Ltd

*Results are based on number of sales enquiries generated per month.

A clear indication that investor interest is being directed all around the world, which maybe a sign of the times where perspective buyers are searching harder for an investment opportunity, at a time when many markets are being affected by economic restrictions.


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